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Pioneering Transformation for Tomorrow's Business

As a proud Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Entrepreneurial Shift Inc. stands at the forefront of transformational consulting and coaching. We cater to both the public and private sectors, specializing in navigating complex business challenges within rapidly evolving markets.

Our core lies in the fusion of Conversational Intelligence®, Knowledge Management (KM), Business Innovation (BI), and Transformation strategies. This interdisciplinary blend equips us with the capability to tailor our approach swiftly, ensuring rapid deployment and acceleration of client initiatives.

At our heart, we are action-driven problem solvers. We engage deeply, listening intently to understand each client's unique pressures and needs. Through a meticulous mapping of opportunities, we unveil pathways for continuous, impactful innovation.


We recognize that today's most pressing innovation challenges straddle the delicate line between process and technology. Here, we harness the human spirit's power, ingenuity, and boldness to ask forward-looking questions and envision a transformed future.


Our mission is to enable Leaders to enter the Future of Work.

We are dedicated to revitalizing businesses across the United States, transforming them into adaptable, sustainable entities that thrive and enrich their communities.


Our vision extends to fostering a new generation of business leaders ready to navigate and excel in a digital-first world while prioritizing the human element within the workspace.


Together, we are not just preparing for the future but creating it—building a foundation for sustainable success and community support, paving the way for innovation that resonates with the heart of human enterprise.

Meet our CEO

 Diana Acsente D.Sc. 

Diana is a dynamic and creative Knowledge Management (KM) professional who is passionate about co-creating

win-win business opportunities.


With strong business acumen, she puts people first. She uses the latest neuroscience studies, Agile Lean practices, KM, and IT as enablers to create an environment that improves business processes and fosters level-three conversations, co-creation, and innovation.


She excels at solving complex issues and problems. She has 20 years of experience in various small to Fortune 500 corporate and government consulting environments. She is trained in implementing KM, Systems Thinking, Business Process Reengineering, IT Systems Development Life Cycle, Project Management and Leadership, Team Building, Public Speaking, Facilitation, Business Development, and Coaching.


She holds a Doctorate in Engineering Management and is a Certified ITIL, SAFe® Agilist, Trainual Consultant, Pryor Learning Instructor, and Conversational Intelligence® Certified Coach.
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StandOut: Influencer & Advisor

Myers Briggs: ENTJ

Enneagram Personality Type: 8 & 7, The Challenger and The Enthusiast

StrengthsFinder Top 5: Relator, Maximizer, Belief, Responsibility, Achiever

Motivated by Contribution & Growth

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Emotional Intelligence & Conversational Intelligence® Workshops and Coaching 

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Leadership Synergy

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Thinking Partnership

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