Leaders understand the need for fresh strategies in engaging people, optimizing processes, and integrating technology to stay competitive. The Neuroscience of Conversations helps build trust and fosters knowledge sharing, tapping collective wisdom and propelling teams to transcend high performance.





For more than 20 years, I have known and highly recommended Diana Sandoiu-Acsente, D.Sc., for her functional expertise as a knowledgeable, Systems thinking Consultant/Analyst. But Dr. Acsente brings the added dimension of an insightful Coach capable of discerning the Human/Social behavioral facets of her clientele. Her dissertation research was conducted using the Grounded Theory approach through data systemically gathered and analyzed. Those analyses required that she immerse herself in the daily lives and routines of those being studied. These immersions, which she continues to perform superbly, have raised Dr. Acsente into a rare Consultant "grounded" in Human behavioral sensitivities.

Francesco Calabrese

President at ExMG International Inc.


Diana brings intelligence and passion to the knowledge management discipline despite the local obstacles inhibiting her efforts. She engages with clarity and precision to achieve value objectives beyond stakeholder expectations.
Diana was instrumental in directly supporting a specialized team effort charged with formulating the foundational basis for the corporate process framework to achieve repeatable operations with clear measures and metrics. This short acknowledgment is insufficient to describe the unbounded energy and talent Diana brings to the job.

Jordan Gottlieb, PMP

Expert Executive Advisor at Koniag Government Services



I really appreciate all of the extra information you provided, such as the psychology behind our behaviours. I also appreciated your personal stories. I found you had a very calm demeanor and a calm background with soothing colour, plant, and I especially enjoyed the icons. It's very apparent that you care about what you teach. I appreciated the gift analogy being brought into the teaching continually, it really helped develop that mindset for me. Thank you!

Diana applies great technical knowledge and creativity to keep projects moving forward. Her energy, persistence, and sense of humor make her a great asset to any team.

Julie Vaughn

Writer/Editor/Proposal Consultant


This was a great seminar!

T.Cone Origene

Diana was wonderful! I am new to assisting with the accounts payable team and wanted to gain skills and information to help me understand a well-rounded overview of how AP works and my role within it. Now I have a greater understanding of our process, the importance of documenting, approval and following policy, and I have gained a greater appreciation for the cash flow process. Steller course! 

Thank you for your examples and the interactive activities. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into this course!

 One of the best project managers in the business. She is always on top of her game.
A team must have.

Jeff Pope

IT Specialist (PLYPLN) at SSA



Thank you for answering all my questions. This training contained helpful information that required some self-reflection, which I appreciate.

I like the way you present the information and I like how you engage the class as a whole!

I really liked learning about the neural triggers when getting criticism/negativity. I feel like knowing this validated my response from a physiological standpoint and now I can actively work on rerouting my pathway!

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